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A young Queen of Chicago Blues & Soul ! Don't miss her ! She is for real !



Vivian Vance Kelly was born into music – a grandfather sang Rhythm & Blues and gospel, a grandmother was a member of powerhouse gospel group The McCauley Singers, her father is the noted blues singer and guitarist Vance Kelly, and she herself was singing in church by the age of 4. She may have been interested in hip-hop as a youngster but soon she was working with her father. When he felt she was ready, she honed her talents with him in the blues clubs of her native Chicago and then refined them on the international stages of Europe.

So, not only does she have a firm grounding in the music – and the slightly unconventional blues story means she can easily add individual, distinctive touches – but she also has a good understanding of what the blues is about: as she says, “what the blues means to me, it is the soulful tale of one’s own experience, to which many people can relate. When someone can relate to a certain blues song, it makes a person get a certain joy as if the artist wrote it just for them. Blues is the mother of many types of music in America and is today still much alive.”


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01 You Win Again
02 Love Of Mine
03 Love & Happiness
04 Don't Hurt No More
05 Simple As This
06 Clean Up Woman
07 Breakin' Up Somebody Home
08 Further Up On The Road
09 Let It Rock
10 Last Two Dollars
11 Can I Change My Mind
12 Something You Got
13 I Feel So Bad
14 You Hurt Me So Bad
15 He's Crazy