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Vivin Vance Kelly - Chicago Here I Come

Vivian Kelly was born in November 10th 1972 in Chicago Illinois. When she was 5 yeas old, she sang every Sunday in church.


When she was 12 years old, she started a Hip-Hop group, where she was the lead singer – at 19 she was lead singer in a Reggae and Hip-Hop-group!

When her father – Vance Kelly – a Blues Award Winner – saw her singing, he brought her to the Chicago-Blues scene and also to his label Wolf Records. She also wrote many songs for her father´s CD´s, which became very successful! Vivian came from a line of musicians – her grandmother and sisters sang in a Gospel group (The Mc Cauly – Singers).



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1. Blues Woman 4:06
2. People In My Business (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:51
3. Four Corner Room (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:38
4. Husband Cheating On Us 4:09
5. Is It Love? (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:28
6. Gotta Relieve My Soul (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:03
7. Down This Road Again (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:40
8. Clean Up Woman 2:51
9. Chicago Here I Come (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:02
10. Soft Hearted Woman (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 3:52
11. As Simple As This (by Vivian Vance Kelly) 4:42
12. Stand By Me 4:10